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Filmby Aarhus Incubator for startups and talents who build Digital Experiences

Games, VR, AR, SFX, 3D, Animation and Film


About us

Ideas Lab is an incubation environment for startups and talents who make Digital Experiences. We explore new ways of using our competences from games, films, sound, 3D and animation to build meaningful experiences that solve big and small challenges.

Our startups and talents take things from idea to action – building both prototypes and final products, and we invite you (as a business) to come forward with your “burning questions” – and maybe some kind of digital experience can solve just that problem. 

Projects / Who….

Centre for Digital Experiences

We want to be the centre for development of digital experiences in Denmark, by opening up our doors to both scientists, startups, talents and established businesses who are interested in developing digital content.

Playground for new technology within the DVI Sector

We want to create a Lab where we dare to challenge all the burning questions around us. By bringing together people from different digital focus areas (games, movies, animation, sound, etc.) and providing them with the hot, new hardware and software, we want to push the boundaries for what can be done with for example VR, AR and classical game development.


Support upcoming talent

We want to help the many talented young people in Aarhus and the entire Region to grow their competences and businesses. By giving them a space with access to knowledge and network they can use to accelerate the process.

Open up Filmby Aarhus

We want to invite businesses from all kinds of fields to come join us at Filmby Aarhus. We aim at opening up this part of Aarhus to anyone who want to investigate and produce digital experiences – whether you come from finance or health care, Ideas Lab has something to offer, because we can work with and understand new technologies across fields.

Our Journeys

We Keep You Informed

Our amazing mentors

Anders Rauff-Nielsen
Game Designer
Funday Factory
unnamed (1)
Peter Hou
Software Engineer
Funday Factory
Sune Kjær Nielsen
Digital Experience Manager
LEGO Education
Troels Overgaard
Funday Factory
Emil Kjæhr
Game Designer
Funday Factory

Our Partners in Crime

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