AU + Ideas Lab + Dokk1 = AiR

On January 15th we welcome our first 9. semester students from Aarhus University to join a different Master Thesis process which called AiR (Academics in Residence).  Aarhus University (more specific Rikke Toft Nørgaard), Ideas Lab and Dokk1 join forces to help talents build solutions and products for specific markets. The rotation model was developed and […]

Meet Random Dragon Games

The Random Dragons were one of the first teams that moved into Ideas Lab after finishing their education at Dania Games (btw cool education run by cool people) in Grenå. Ever since coming to Ideas Lab in the spring, Random Dragon team have taken a good look at how they can build a sustainable company, and by using […]

Ideas Lab build Digital Experiences

At Ideas Lab we believe the future looks brighter if we work together in the Digital Visual Industry.  Films, Games, Audio, Animation, 3D Art,VR/AR/MR,  – these are some of the fields represented at Ideas Lab, and we all have one thing in common: We can build stuff. Take an idea to action super fast and […]

MoCap Challenge 2017

Ideas Lab and the Copenhagen based startup, Rokoko is hosting a small, exclusive 24- hour Game Jam called MoCap Challenge.  This is a chance for developers to get familiar with this new smartsuit and see how far it’s possible to get with new technologies such as Rokoko’s suit which can spare you an animator in […]

Meet Resilio Technologies

We’re kinda proud to have team Resilio in Ideas Lab, working on a project that’s hard not to fall in love with: saving the world from stress and anxiety using game mechanics. Resilio Technologies is founded by Anders Søndergård and he’s got a solid team around him to help his vision come to life. We’ve asked […]

Separate Silences Installation is going to Cannes

We’re so incredible proud of two of our youngest, but most talented Labsters, who just got accepted to Cannes Film Festival 2017. Maria Engermann and Signe Ungermand just graduated from VIA Multiplatform, Storytelling & Production with their final project Hver Sin Stilhed/Seperate Silences, which you can see more about here. Maria and Signe just started […]

Jam Night with Økologisk Landsforening

During Internet Week DK + Games Week we’re arranging a Jam Night together with production company PictureWise and Økologisk Landsforening.  WHY The purpose of this evening is to explore what new technologies and do to help an organisation like Ø.L. answer some of their so-called Burning Questions (questions they don’t have any answers to or […]