Meet Chamomile Software

Jonas Tuemand Møller is the one man army behind Chamomile Software. It’s an app development company, and one of their (new) focuses is to explore the app market for toddlers. Today Jonas is releasing his first app for this age group: Surprise Eggs – an idea he got after stumpling across videos on YouTube of […]

Meet BitBreak

The Team BitBreak is a small VR games startup consisting of 2 pretty damn talented programmers: Erik Høj Petersen and Mathias Søholm. They’re  curently both students at Computer Science, but before that I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Mathias  for 3 years as game devs. Eric, I got to know when he joined the […]

Teams in the Lab #1

We’re so proud to have over 40 talents doing amazing things at Ideas Lab. So who are those talents, you might ask.. Well, 2/3 of the teams are development teams – which means they can build stuff. Most teams work within games, VR and AR experiences, which is our focus area: BitBreak – VR Games […]