We’re so proud to have over 40 talents doing amazing things at Ideas Lab.

So who are those talents, you might ask..

Well, 2/3 of the teams are development teams – which means they can build stuff.

Most teams work within games, VR and AR experiences, which is our focus area:

  • BitBreak – VR Games
  • Time Machine – history lessons in VR
  • ArtView – AR app for museums
  • Random Dragon Games – classic PC and console games
  • Hver Sin Stilhed – 360 videos for full embodiment experiences
  • Chamomile Software – apps for toddlers
  • Atlaga – 2D game with amazing nordic art style
  • Wrinkled Art – 2D game with focus on telling a story and redefining the hated term “cut scene”
  • Resilio Technologies – stress reducing app
  • Åte VR – VR for healthcare

We also have some “wild”cards within the lab – like a festival (Det Turkise Telt/Roots&Hybrid), who’re interested in using new technologies to brand their events. We have a researcher from Aarhus Universitet, Thomas Bjørnsten,  who’s working with multiple teams on “emotional data” – and how we can measure and use feelings to optimise everything from cultural experiences to game flows.




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