The Team

BitBreak is a small VR games startup consisting of 2 pretty damn talented programmers: Erik Høj Petersen and Mathias Søholm.

They’re  curently both students at Computer Science, but before that I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Mathias  for 3 years as game devs. Eric, I got to know when he joined the team I go to hackathons with. Despite their young age focus and commitment is a driving force and reason why this team is a success.

The Game

BitBreak are working on their first VR game:  In Your Face TD, which is a classic Tower Defence that uses room scale VR to add an extra (and crazy) dimension to this genre. The guys have been focusing on core mechanics, making a strong prototype where controls feel good and fun.

Currently the guys are working on an upgrade system, giving the game a meta layer which can support your unique play style and preferences. During the spring the game world will grow with more levels, enemy types, etc. Story and art is still a missing element, but definitely also a focus area once they’ve found the right match.

In Your Face TD is launching an Early Access version (VIVE only) on March 22nd on Steam.

3 questions to BitBreak

What makes your game stand out?

We wanted to make a game which had a small scope, but could scale to something bigger. We knew that it was easy to create a tower defence game which was fun, but it is also a genre that scales very well in terms of AI complexity, tower and level variety etc.

Apart from that there didn’t seem to be any VR tower defense games, which utilized the room scale technology made possible by the HTC Vive. So this was an area where we could bring something new to the table.

What’s your main take away from the process so far?

This being our first relatively long VR production, we have learned some techniques and best practices for VR in general. This includes design and technical concerns such as pros and cons on different locomotion solutions, and how to optimize performance in a VR application.

Why are your part of Ideas Lab?

Apart from the coffee and Wifi, it’s great to be around talented people who can share their expertise with us. Since we are only two people in BitBreak, we very much rely on the help of others. Ideas Lab is a perfect place for cross-company collaboration, and we’re thankful to be part of it.




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