Jonas Tuemand Møller is the one man army behind Chamomile Software.

It’s an app development company, and one of their (new) focuses is to explore the app market for toddlers.

Today Jonas is releasing his first app for this age group: Surprise Eggs – an idea he got after stumpling across videos on YouTube of kinder egg’s being “unboxed”. This triggered him – WHY on earth would these videos get 700.000 views?

He watched his son in love with this kind of unboxing experience, and thought he could make an app where  pure entertainment was the focus.

About Surprise Eggs

So in Surprise Eggs you simply tap the screen to open an egg and see whats inside. You collect the items and can see all your stuff in your inventory, where you can also investigate the items further and discover really funny sound effects.

Surprise Eggs is not just a pacifier for your kid to waste time on when everyone gets home – to Jonas it’s about building simple, fun experiences. Learning goals are currently secondary, but if you look closer the app does in fact teach you about things like:

  • Fine Motor skills – swiping and tapping the screen
  • Vocabulary – look through your inventory of things and learn their names AND sounds.

“I’ve simply made a nice looking, fun and engaging app/game – I believe learning will then come naturally without you forcing it” tells Jonas over a cup of coffee on the morning of Surprise Egg’s release.

The app is free on Google Play from March 30th. Download here.

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