During Games Week we facilitated a Jam Night where Økologisk Landsforening dropped by to get some insight on how to use technology to solve some of their “burning questions”.

The setup was pretty simple:

Before event we defined 2 burning questions Øko. Landsforening had:

  • How might we use technology to teach more people about Økologisk Spisemærke?
  • Hoe might we use technology to get consumers to pick an organic beverage over big brand beverages?

We then invited some of our Labsters (BitBreak, MANND and NRS SoundDesign) to come and jam for 4 hours on these problems.

Before the evening was over we had 3 very different experiences ready to show Øko. Landsforening:

BitBreak made a web app where Økologisk Spisemærke was personalised and gamified. Basically you would earn points when choosing organic food and groceries, and those points could give you a discount in stores. You would also be able to teach your øko-shopping, and stores could target products that they wanted you to try, directly within the app.


NRS SoundDesign made an app that used AR to get users engaged in hunting for Pesticide Monsters – freeing up øko-mærker. When defeating monsters you would earn points that you could spend on food/beverages. The experience would work at festivals or larger happenings.


MANND made an installation where you would experience how it’s like to be a carrot “growing up” in Pesticide Land – using VR headsets together with touch, smells etc. this powerfull experience will leave you with nothing but disgust, and from there move to a warm, lovely organic field, to really feel the difference.


BIG THANKS to Picture:Wise for making this happen! We’re happy to work with visionary production companies such as yourself!