We’re kinda proud to have team Resilio in Ideas Lab, working on a project that’s hard not to fall in love with: saving the world from stress and anxiety using game mechanics.

Resilio Technologies is founded by Anders Søndergård and he’s got a solid team around him to help his vision come to life. We’ve asked Anders a few questions about there the team is currently at:

How is Resilio Technologies different from all the Mindfulness apps and services already online?
Being mindful is good. We believe that everybody who do Mindfulness will benefit from it. But we are doing something somewhat different.
With our app you get to train your nervous system. Similar to doing fitness to build physical strength we let you exercise to build mental strength. With a well-trained nervous system your body will get better at coping with stress and stress-related issues. So research says.
The training is done by performing a certain science-based breathing technique that manipulates the heart – and thereby exercises your nervous system.
When you do the training the app monitors your heart rate – by using the camera of your standard smartphone or wearables – and gives you realtime gamified visual and auditive feedback on your training. You basically control small games with your breathing.
And then we track peoples progress on how they train and how their nervous system actually improve during training.

What are the next big steps for you guys?

Right now we are building our product – developing and testing signal processing of heart rate date – and that takes up all the time of our talented biomedical engineer, Mathias.

Meanwhile some of us are spending a lot of time raising money. We need an investment to keep us going until we have a market-ready product in the beginning of 2018. But things are progressing fine – a couple of days ago we closed a deal with an awesome investor that enhances our chances of succes radically.
In august we will start live testing with clients and psychologists from a large Danish healthcare provider. At this time we will be 7 people working with development and testing of the product. This is a big thing for us.
We are doing everything we can to develop a product that people will actually use. I know it sounds obvious, but it isn’t. We need people to stick to the app daily for a certain period, so retention – or compliance as it is called in the health domain – is crucial. By the end of 2017 we aim to have a somewhat finished product that can be the object of an effect study that we will carry out with researchers from Aarhus University.
How does a great workday look for the Resilio Team? 
One team member works in Copenhagen, one have other (related) jobs and others have frequent meetings. So we are rarely together everybody at once. So a great day is when everybody is present (physically in Aarhus or virtual in Slack) and we get to talk or chat a lot about this thing that we are doing: battling stress with breathing and technology.