At Ideas Lab you can come and work on projects which relate to the digital visual industry (games, film, VR, AR, MR, Animation, Sound and 3D).

Maybe you have some cool going on in your spare time, or you’re starting to form a subject for a master thesis?

You can build prototypes, know how to test your ideas and move things forward.

Well, then we’ve got a few desks available (for free) for someone just like you!

You’ll have access to Ideas Lab’s Producer, Maria Garde, who can guide you in terms of everything production related, hook you up with partners and mentors – basically what ever you need in order to accelerate your product.

Send an application to with the following:

  • 1 Pager of your project
  • Video material, art or what ever you have to “show” what you got.
  • Your resume/CV