Ideas Lab and the Copenhagen based startup, Rokoko is hosting a small, exclusive 24- hour Game Jam called MoCap Challenge. 

This is a chance for developers to get familiar with this new smartsuit and see how far it’s possible to get with new technologies such as Rokoko’s suit which can spare you an animator in the early stages of development.

During the 24 hours the teams will choose one of three cases:

Golf,  Martial Arts or Outdoor Activities (such as hiking or trail running).

Over the weekend we will prototype our butts off, and come Saturday evening the teams get to present their prototypes to potential costumers and a panel of judges from Unity Studios and Funday Factory.

WHEN: August 11th at 17.00 to August 12th at 19.00

WHERE: Ideas Lab in Aarhus

SIGN UP to Maria Garde (

More Info on the event can be found on the Facebook Event Page.