At Ideas Lab we believe the future looks brighter if we work together in the Digital Visual Industry. 

Films, Games, Audio, Animation, 3D Art,VR/AR/MR,  – these are some of the fields represented at Ideas Lab, and we all have one thing in common: We can build stuff. Take an idea to action super fast and test if our idea is valid once users gets their hands on the experience. 

This is an introduction to Ideas Lab and the  top  priorities and ways behind the incubator.

I’m a Digital Experience Designer…

New technologies emerge that provides us with new opportunities to communicate, and that obviously has an impact on filmmakers, game developers, animators and so forth. So how might we collaborate to discover what for example VR can grow into if we dare to push the boundaries of what we’re used to see from the different industries?

If we stop categorising what we do, and instead adopt a more wide term: digital experiences, perhaps we can break out of conventional thinking and truly create new genres and experiences. This is what we aim at in Ideas Lab: No labels, just an interest in trying new things.

Fuck It, Ship It

At Ideas Lab we also look at how the market develops – this means we try to build sustainable businesses who’re NOT dependant on supporting funds to keep their company alive. That might mean you won’t get to make only IP’s from day 1, but there’s not harm in doing work for hire if you ask us.

We also aim at shipping our work within reasonable time – the market is currently quite difficult to foresee, so always look at how much time you spend on something. At Ideas Lab most teams ship products within 3-12 months, depending on platform and product.

New Work Habits 

Ideas Lab host 50% students, 50% ppl who quit their job to follow a dream. This means it’s often entrepreneurs you’re fairly young, with less than 5 years of work experience. At Ideas Lab we try to change how we work smart – by following the individual’s need. This means we take long breaks in the middle of the day, we’re active and social. It’s a lie that you can be productive and innovative for 8 hours straight. We’re honest about what works and what doesn’t and try to structure office hours and ways to do work around this.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Garde