On January 15th we welcome our first 9. semester students from Aarhus University to join a different Master Thesis process which called AiR (Academics in Residence). 

Aarhus University (more specific Rikke Toft Nørgaard), Ideas Lab and Dokk1 join forces to help talents build solutions and products for specific markets. The rotation model was developed and tested during 2017 by Rikke Toft Nørgaard and now the three parthers are ready to take the model one step further, inviting 4 students to participate in the master thesis program.

AU will be the theoretical anchor, whilst Ideas Lab is strong on the market and solution, and Dokk1 on validation (testing the products on actual users). Each institution bring something to the (design) table, and together we hope, to help students build strong thesis projects.

Fail and Learn

At Ideas Lab we strongly believe, that this approach can help more students get comfortable with an iterative design cycle, where you build, test and fail several times before the right solution is found.

We need to start celebrating the ones taking chances. Those who fail hundreds of times in order to find a optimal solution, and we believe this model can help the students adopt this mindset, and find success in a little risk taking.

Partnerships that result in a job

We’ll introduce the students to mentors and businesses who would be relevant partners for the specific designs and challenges. It’s our hope that by providing these connections, the AiR model can also prove itself as a fast track to a cool job, as the students use their 9.th semester to both specialise and network themselves into a certain area of interest.


On our blog we’ll introduce you to our Master Thesis  students and their projects, so you can follow their progress and designs!

/Maria Garde, Head of Incubator