We’re currently hosting 9 Master Thesis Students from Aarhus University who’re working on their last big assignment. Our students have chosen to develop a product alongside the theoretical paper:

Project First Aid – Mie Thuman and Isabell Deleuran are trying to solve the problem that many young people never get comfortable doing first aid. Using playful designs + Augmented Reality, they hope to make it more accessible for all Danes.

Project LAN – At LAN parties we usually meet to play games, that can be played in separate rooms or  countries; like Counter Strike. Simon Milfred is designing a game experience to fit the social context a LAN party is.

Project Esports – Anders Ottendal is trying to find out how to deal with a new type of sports, that is highly commercial but placed in the world of unions. Simon will also be playing with the vlog format, so you’ll be able to follow his process as he documents the entire thing with videos.